• ST Blade Fuse Block 6 Circuits

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  • Getac B300

    The Getac B300 also includes advanced security features to safeguard important data, such as a fingerprint scanner, TPM V1.2, and a cable lock slot.

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  • Getac F110

    The F110's optional dedicated GPS offers 2x search capacity, faster location positioning and improved accuracy over competitors' embedded GPS designs.

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  • Getac V200

    The Getac V200 features a 12.1 inch widescreen display with Getac's 1200 NIT QuadraClear™ sunlight readable LED display technology for excellent viewing in any lighting condition.

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  • LVC 5570

    Fanless In-Vehicle Computer with Intel Core i7-2655LE Processor

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  • Motion F5te

    The Motion F5te also has typical rugged features such as magnesium alloy casing which is 20 times stronger than a commercial laptop and a solid state drive for enhanced durability and performance, as well as improved battery life.

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Monthly Payment Options 

It’s easy to recognize the many advantages of implementing a new mobile computing system for your fleet of service vehicles.  Acura Embedded has now made it even easier to deploy our rugged units by partnering with Westport Leasing.

Westport Leasing has been helping businesses and public sector organizations upgrade to new technology and machinery for more than twenty years.  Their affordable payment plans are a cost-effective way to add equipment that will help improve service efficiency and reduce expenses.  With Westport’s programs, you can overcome budget restrictions and put new gear to work more quickly.

Here are some additional features and advantages of Westport’s services: 

  • Convenient application process
  • Fast approval response
  • Flexible & creative repayment options
  • No application fees or other upfront charges
  • Funding for any amount from $5,000 and up
  • Committed to ethical lending practices

Public Sector Lease Financing

Many government departments and agencies are faced with the challenge of delivering higher levels of service under the constraints of ever-tightening budgets.  Even when they identify new technology that could enable them to operate more efficiently or generate additional streams of revenue, the capital funding needed to invest in new equipment may not be available.

Westport Leasing provides special equipment financing programs that enable government organizations to pursue projects that will make them more productive. Their services offer competitive pricing with flexible terms and structures.  Both fixed and floating rate agreements are available and equipment costs can be amortized over longer periods to reduce the periodic payments.  Westport’s programs allow Public Sector buyers to:

  • Avoid future price increases
  • Free up capital for other immediate needs
  • Leverage budget dollars without having to fund up-front cash outlays
  • Limit the impact of tax increases or budget cuts needed to fund capital purchases
  • Avoid the need for, and complications of, additional bond issues
  • Reduce maintenance budgets by replacing older, obsolete equipment
  • Offset the cost of new equipment against the savings or revenues produced
  • Enjoy interim financing for projects with progress draws until completion

Westport’s equipment financing plans are available to virtually all types of government organizations.  Repayment plans can be customized to suit specific budgeting needs and are often tailored to match the timing of anticipated revenue streams.  Westport can help defer the purchase over multiple budgetary periods, bill at the time funding is normally received from senior government, or take annual payments just after a municipality's property tax deadline.

If you represent a government agency or public sector organization, feel free to contact Westport directly to learn more about their programs and how they can help you with the acquisition of new equipment from Acura Embedded Systems.


Commercial Lease-to-Own Plans

Westport Leasing provides a comprehensive range of financing options and services for businesses looking to add new technology or equipment.  Their clients include established corporations, small businesses and proprietorships. 

Leasing can be an efficient and cost-effective way to finance virtually any type of equipment a business may need, so they can take advantage of the improvements in future cash flows provided by the new equipment.  Westport’s programs allow companies to:

  • Overcome budget restrictions
  • Conserve working capital & credit lines
  • Cost-justify new equipment
  • Take advantage of inflation
  • Reduce taxable Income
  • Avoid obsolescence
  • Simplify accounting & budgeting procedures

Estimate Payments 

To get an idea of the approximate monthly payments for the mobile computing solutions that will best meet your needs, click on the link below.  You’ll be directed to a table listing the approximate costs for many of the most popular models and accessories. 

Monthly Payment Estimates


Get Approved

Westport’s application process is quick and easy.  Simply click on the link below to download an application form or complete one online.  One of Westport’s customer service professionals will be in touch to answer any questions and assist with the process.

Apply Now

Contact Westport

If you have any questions about payment plans and financing options for new Acura Embedded Mobile Computer systems, please contact Westport Leasing.

Phone: (250) 770-8148  or  1-800-667-0747

Email: deb.ross@westportleasing.com